About us

BBLC was founded in 2004 by Anthony Kent, a highly qualified British teacher with many years of international experience in teaching Business English. 

Teaching in Russia, he immediately recognized the role of Russian business in the global market and knew that knowledge of English was crucial for participants in this sector. Over the last decade the company’s priority has been to provide companies and individuals with English instruction tailored to their corporate needs.  The company has also grown to include general English programmes catering for those wishing to develop and improve their overall English language skills. 

All programmes are unique and have evolved by employing the expertise of British, Russian and other international linguistic experts.


We believe that each client has unique language requirements and that is why our approach is all about individual needs – everything  from programmes to materials and teaching strategies. Our mission is to provide you with programmes designed to help you achieve your life and work goals, in the quickest possible time.


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