The two components

Before you begin your course at BBLC, we need to assess your English level.  First, we would like you to complete a short written test that takes about 15 minutes and then we will make an appointment to complete a speaking test with you.
The two components:
On-line written test
Speaking test
1. The Online test is designed to show how easily you use both basic and more complex grammar constructions.  Please do not use a dictionary or grammar reference when you do the test.  It is recommended that you do this when no-one else is nearby.  Please don’t be tempted to ask anyone for help!
We will advise you by return email of your result and negotiate a time with you to do a Speaking test.
2. The Speaking test can be done at your work location or at our office in central Moscow.  It usually takes about 10 -15 minutes.  This gives one of our trainers an opportunity to see how well you are able to reproduce the language in conversation. 
The trainer will also speak to you about your learning needs and discuss any specific topics / areas of English that you wish to develop.
The Director of Studies will correlate the result of your written and speaking tests to establish a starting level for study.


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