BBLC has more than 50 teachers of English.  Our native speaking teachers all have qualifications and experience in teaching English as a second language. They all hold at least one internationally recognized certificate – DELTA, CELTA, TESOL, TEFL – and many have extensive academic qualifications in Linguistics and Teaching.  Recruited from a range of English-speaking countries, many of our native speakers have taught English in different countries and continents.

Our Russian teachers of English have all graduated from Linguistic and Pedagogical Universities and some hold the degree of Candidate of Science.  Many of them have also completed an internationally recognized certificate such as CELTA or TESOL.

Lorraine Bonython


Teaching Experience:  Over 30 years


Keith Wood

United Kingdom

Teaching Experience: Over 20 years


Rufus Vaughan - Spruce

United Kingdom

Teaching Experience: Over 15 years


Svetlana Kapralova


Teaching Experience: Over 5 years


Seth Libby

United States

Teaching Experience: Over 5 years



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