Overview General English

These courses are available at all levels, from Beginner to Proficiency levels. They may be conversation or text-book based, but regardless, the teaching focus is communication.

All General English courses develop skills in speaking, pronunciation, listening, grammar, vocabulary, reading and writing.

General English may be studied in a group or individually.  Usually a Russian teacher is appointed for Beginner and Elementary students.  At Pre-Intermediate, students often choose to keep their Russian teacher to improve their confidence, but others are ready to have a native speaker.

After Intermediate, we recommend a native teacher.  This provides you with the opportunity to model the correct nuances of the language.

Intenational Exams

BBLC has a number of teachers who are experienced in international exam preparation.

We offer training for the following:

  • GMAT
  • CAE
  • ICFE
  • FCE
  • CPE 

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