Overview Business English

Business English is not taught below Pre-Intermediate level.

1. At Pre-Intermediate we recognize that it is important to continue with language development, especially vocabulary and grammar.  Thus we have designed a course that includes these skills, and they are taught within the context of basic business topics.  There is a focus on listening, standard phrases and role plays that offer students the opportunity to reproduce appropriate language used in the business world. At the end of the course, students have functional language skills for telephoning, presentations, meetings, travel and email.

2. At both Intermediate and Upper Intermediate level every teacher does a full language and business needs analysis in the first class. 

  • Small Groups

Each group that determines they want to study Business English identifies [in negotiation with their teacher] the topics that are relevant to them. 

Each topic is designed to take a minimum of 10 classes of 120 minutes.  So in one course, for example, a group may decide to study 4 or 5 topics or they may wish to specialize in just one or two.   Sometimes students identify a major area of study [perhaps 20 lessons] and two minor areas of study [7/8 lessons each].

At the end of each topic there is a unit test [Unit tests are combined to give a mid-term result and a final result for certification].

  • Individuals

The first class is a Needs Analysis where the teacher identifies language needs and discusses which business topics are required to be studied.  As an individual it is much easier to focus the programme of work to meet the specific business needs of the individual.

3. Advanced Business English  courses are negotiated directly with the students who at this level are able to articulate their specific needs.  Usually these are individuals and are often VIPs.  They may choose to specialize in one field [e.g. Finance or Negotiations] and their course is designed according to their specific needs. 

4. Special Industry Business courses

At BBLC we pride ourselves on being able to provide specialist programmes for our clients.  For example, your company or department may want a special course in one of the following

  • Accounts
  • Human Resources
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Law
  • Security
  • Oil & Gas

But this list is not exclusive!

We are fortunate at BBLC to have not only qualified and experienced English teachers, but English teachers with a wide range of business experience. We have the academic and human resources to design any business programme – all you have to do is ask.

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