Language is about communication, so anyone who wants to learn or improve their English is aiming for better communication. 

At BBLC we know that learning English is all about communication.  So all BBLC teachers use the Communicative Language Teaching [CLT] approach to language learning.

What is the CLT approach?

  • Basically, language taught in class is connected to how it is used outside the classroom.  Therefore, use of language in any authentic context helps students to develop their communicative competence.
  • Students learn to communicate through
  • Classroom interaction in the target language;
  • The use of authentic texts;
  • Judicious use of grammar and pronunciation focused activities;
  • The use of the learner’s personal experiences as integral elements of the curriculum content;
  • Linking classroom language learning with language activities outside the classroom.

Classroom activities used in CLT include the following:

  • Role-play
  • Interviews
  • Games
  • Language exchanges
  • Surveys
  • Pair-work
  • Learning by teaching

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