Corporate Training

Corporate English is a complete learning system for learners of Business English. This system provides personalised training solutions and offers a cost-effective way to provide training to large numbers of learners. This is our priority. 
Over the last decade we have worked closely with both large and small companies. For example, BBLC has been one of the  major providers of Corporate English for Sberbank since 2009.
You can see the list of other clients here.
We offer unique programmes to all of our clients tailored to their corporate needs.  More than 100 companies in Moscow have benefited from our courses as  their employees’ English language skills have improved markedly.
BBLC offers:
Materials of British and other international linguistic experts
Unique business programmes
Qualified and experienced English teachers from all over the world 
The most modern teaching methodologies and new texts
Negotiable learning times
First of all our trainer will speak to you about your learning needs and discuss relevant Business topics. A Needs Analysis is done either during the speaking test or in the first class to ensure that students are studying at the correct level and engaging in language learning relevant to their individual requirements. We are then able  to design a special programme for you. This part of the process is absolutely free!
All students are tested continually during any programme of study.  On the completion of the course the students are awarded certificates.
For more information you can call or e-mail us at . The Manager will respond to you on the same day!

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